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Favorite Color Turquoise Very Dark Blue Green
Favorite Number 7 The Golden Ratio 7
Favorite Letter x y p
Favorite Bond Roger Moore Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore
Favorite Soccer Formation 3-1-3-3 3-5-2 4-4-2
Favorite All News Network CNN CNN MSNBC
Coffee or Tea Coffee Coffee Tea
Comb or Brush Comb, it's more versatile. Brush I use my hands
Earliest Beatles album that doesn't suck. Help Help The Greatest Hits
Current Magazine Subscriptions Exploratorium
Consumer Reports
National Geographic My roommate subscribes to Maxim
Order of Best Star Wars Films. V II IV VI I V IV II VI I V II IV VI I
Stick or Automatic Automatic Automatic Stick
Hobbes or Locke Hobbes Hobbes Rousseau

A Clever Muse History

Homedemoh, released in the summer of 1995, announced the arrival of an innovative new force on the Alternative musical landscape. With an atmospheric, evocative sound and haunting melodies, combining solid pop sensibilities and intriguing progressive instincts, Clever Muse is among the most commercially and critically acclaimed ensembles to emerge from Pomona, California of the mid '90s.

Originally consisting of Marc Smits (vocals, guitars), Mike Kearns (guitar, vocals), Marc Laurence (drums, vocals, guitar), Mitch Roe (keyboard, guitar, vocals) and Satch (bass), Clever Muse spawned from the burgeoning Pomona music scene in 1995. Produced by the band themselves, Homedemoh features the popular tracks "Bring Back Yesterday", "Malaguena", and "Larry of the Lounge".

With the success of Homedemoh, the three remaining members of Clever Muse (Marc Smits, Mitch Roe, and Mike Kearns) ventured forth to participate in the electrifying music scene of San Francisco. Playing their short, infectiously catchy music throughout the local coffee house scene, Clever Muse amassed a loyal cult following.

With a number of new songs under their belt, Clever Muse took to record a new album, Almost Live from the 6th floor. This album was a departure from their first album with truer and more sparse sonic sensablities. Few, if any overdubs, "Almost" showed Clever Muse with their souls exposed. Equally as popular as Homedemoh, Almost Live from 6th Floor featured the hot-hits "Open up Your Eyes", "You are not an American", "What Do I Know", and "Seasons Change".

After a year and half in the works, Clever Muse finished the recording of their latest album, Grand Meridian, which has proved to be their biggest commercial success to date with such hit songs as "Sunny Thoughts", "Irrepressible You" and "I Went Nowhere".

With just a few months respite, Clever Muse returned to the studio to complete Tacky Badge. Tacky Badge will consist of the re-recordings of the original songs off of Almost Live From the 6th Floor and new, previously unreleased tracks.