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Cover for Clever Muse's new album.


Clever Muse back in session

After a brief heitus, Clever Muse is back. They met recently to work on some new material.


Tacky Badge ON SALE

Tacky Badge is now available on You can find it as well as other fine Clever Muse items at the Clever Muse Store.


Tacky Badge Complete

All tracks on Tacky Badge have been completed and are now available for download. The CD will be available soon through

In the meantime, you can find our CD, Grand Meridian, as well as Clever Muse T-shirts at the Clever Muse Store...

and you can find our new songs here.


New Tacky Badge Songs Available

As Tacky Badge is starting to finish up, some of the songs are now being posted. Currently two are available for your listening pleasure.

You can find them here.


Vocal recordings finished for Tacky Badge

Main vocal recording have just finished for the latest Clever Muse Album, Tacky Badge. The lovely Brittney Williams also finished her backing vocals.

Except for some minor instrumentation recording, this leaves just post-production work left to complete Tacky Badge.


Our host provider is evil

We have been getting stacks upon stacks from Clever Muse fanatics asking us where our song files have gone. Well we have learned that our host provider, RctHost, has joined the forces of evil and removed all audio files from our site. They said something about "terms".

We will find a new host by the time Tacky Badge comes out. So patience my young fanatic.


Grand Meridian available at

To help assist us with the demand for Grand Meridian, we have enlisted the services of to help sell it. Do you love Clever Muse? Do you love our music? Show your love!


The Clever Muse SongFinderTM is Here.

To help you in locating your favorive Clever Muse song, we've just added the Clever Muse SongFinder. TM

We all know that Clever Muse song styles are wide and varied. Now just tell Clever Muse which song you like and we'll you show some other Clever Muse songs that might fit your style.


Grand Meridian Recording Complete

The long-awaited Grand Meridian album has been recorded and all of the songs are now available for download. The CD of Grand Meridian will be available soon in its complete form and should be available for purchase on soon.

Click here to listen to the tracks on it.


New Grand Meridian Songs Available

As Grand Meridian is starting to finish up, some of the songs are now being posted. Currently six are available for your listening pleasure.

You can find them here.

How´s the album coming?

Check out the latest progress with this informative and highly accurate graph.

View Graph

Now's your chance to hear songs before they are even close to being released.

You can download these now. Future and more polished versions of the same songs will be released in later albums.

Butterflies (Just Marc)
Butterflies (With Bass and Drums)

Like that one Clever Muse song? Want to find others just like it?
The Clever Muse SongFinder TM with exclusive hyperbolic tangential technology is currently under construction but should be available soon.

Do you want to talk about all things "Clever Muse?" The newly revamped forum will be available soon...