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Taking My Chances
Alone Unknown
Ivory Memories
Circus Song
Piss Pope
Bring Back Yesterday
The Rain
Five Hours
Larry of the Lounge
Certain Type
Lust for Virtue
Aleph Null

Taking My Chances.

Tell me you don't want me.
I've never been denied.
Lesser men have failed.
But I never even tried.
Tell me you don't want me.
'Cause I long to be denied.

Watching all the players
and wanting just to play.
Watching the winners and the losers,
I kept myself away.
I wouldn't mind being a loser.
I wouldn't mind being a loser.
I just want to play.

A million opportunities.
I took not even one.
Leaving me with nothing
When all was said and done.
I never take my chances.
Not with anyone.

Alone Unknown.

I see your face
through the window of your eye.
It's a pain you cannot hide.
All the things you keep inside.
All the things you try to hide.

I'm alone.
Oh, I'm all alone.
I'm alone just unknown.
I'm alone. All alone.

I see the people as they swiftly walk on by.
Like a dog that follows a fly,
They don't ever ask themselves why.
As they swiftly walk on by.

You're by my side.
Beside me yet so far.
Beside me yet what for,
When all we really are is alone
All we are in this world is alone.

Ivory Memories.

She stands and stares through the glass.
The universe seems so endless.
The glass is more than reflective
So she remembers the time
She belonged to the sky.
The universe was more than her guarded realm.
And she was perfect.

It was a likeable beast with its
less-than-archaic smile.
And though the concrete amnion contained it
and its ethereal world.
It was more free than she would ever be.

It was more free than she would ever be.
And back in her candle-lit cave.
Thoughts flowed out and swarmed and became.
Back in the walls of the cave,
Infinite was the space.

I'm am black as the devil
Hot as hell
Sweet as an angle
And pure as love.

Circus Song.

The circus is town
With sadistic clowns.
Please wipe off that frown
The circus is here now.

Mister Lion-Tamer
So brave and so bold.
Whip the beast again.
He's under your control.

Misfits, circus-geeks,
Parading abnormalities
You laugh, don't you see?
That's all their lives will be.

Piss Pope.

I, I want to be your partner.
We'll make a love thing.
You make me sing.

I, I want to be your lover.
I want to stroke your hair.
I want to take you there.

I, I want to be your doctor.
And I'll strip you down.
I'll show you what I found.

I, I want to be your preacher.
I want to guide you right.
I'll make you see the light.


So ordinary.
So full of nothing.
So unlike me.

I tried to see
Good things in you.
What did I see?

Nothing that was true.
Nothing interesting about you.

And it makes you so mad
that you can't be
somewhat like me.

But, to tell the truth
Sometimes I wish I was like you.

But your so ordinary.
So full of nothing.
So unlike me.

Bring Back Yesterday.

When I was a young boy
I didn't have much to say.
Now that I'm older
I wish it was back to that way.

Sometimes they perceive things
That I really don't mean.
I wish I could just fade away.
Or so it seems.

So at night when I go to bed
I pray to my god this way.

Could you bring back yesterday. Yeah!
Could you bring back yesterday. Yeah!
Could you bring back yesterday. Yeah!
Could you bring back yesterday. Yeah.

The Rain.

I love the rain.
Let it rain down on me.
Wash away my sins.
And make me feel clean again.

Vanity that goes untamed,
Guilt and shame are all the same.
They drown in the rain.

And nowhere to hide.
No matter how hard you try to shelter yourself
The rain will still seep inside.


"Fly Away!", said my care-free heart,
To the place where the daydreams start.
To the land where it's always spring.
And the moon is a dancing thing.
"Fly Away!", said my heart to me
To the shore of a moon-lit sea.

My Malaguena,
Your eyes shame the purple sky.
Your were as fair
As I dreamed you would be.
I loved and lost you,
for I never could deny.

Lightly as a song,
Going where I please.
Journey along with me.
(He will never see his Malaguena.)
Lightly as a song,
Going where I see.
Journey along with me.
Lightly as a song,
Going where I see.

Five Hours.

Welcome to my world.
Welcome to imagination.
In my dreams.
Out in a forest somewhere.
You in your best dress.
Me in Sunday best.

Look. Looking out my window.
I see.
I see you standing there.
Your smile, it brings a glow to me.
If you don't mind I think I'll
stay awhile.

We found a tree
We plant,
We plant ourselves down
To the ground.

I look all around
at all the beauty
Right in front of me.
We read a book of poetry.

So now your gone.
And no longer in my dreams.
Or so it seams.

It so hard while we're apart.
But I know I'm only five hours.
Away from your heart.

Larry of the Lounge.

Larry of the Lounge.
He's all alone.
Larry of the Lounge.
He cannot can't, can't, can't go home.

Turned twenty-one on a Monday night.
He drank so much that night, yeah
He almost lost his sight.
Was it a sign of things to come.
Poor old Larry, they say, yeah
You could have been someone.

He was born again on a Monday night.
Preacher said
"Keep payin' son and
everything will be all right."
"Just bow down on your hands and knees."
"I will help you get rid
of this terrible disease."

He fell in love on a Monday night.
Some guy picked on her so
He got into a fight.
That night he lost his virginity.
Man he loved that girl
with all sincerity.

Mary left Larry on a Monday night.
Preacher wasn't paid enough
To show old Larry the light.
So now Larry drinks all night long.
He out there somewhere, yeah.
He's helped me sing this song.

Certain Type.

I don't think I'll ever see you again.
It's been fun friend,
But I don't think I'll see you again.

I don't think you'll ever see me again.
It's a certain type a death
As we all can foresee an end.
The times we've had is coming to a close.
I don't think I'll miss you,
But I'm sad to see you go.

I don't think we'll see each other again.

Lust for Virtue.

Pleas for confidence.
My mistress is long and dark.
Punished for the use of pain.
Of the thrown, it is not simple.
The Clever Muse fights resilience.

To the death of his pen.
His pen, her artifact.
His pen, please sense
the uncommon selfish statement.
Dive into the ground with sweat
beading in open meadows.
Beading in open meadows.
Right saint.
Instill in me with foresight.
Pleasure, a lust for virtue.
Lust for Virtue.
There's a scene with a bar room fight.
A scene with vicious, flailing hands.
Skin is devoured by the acidic air.
Skin is devoured by the acidic air.
Such a place for a vowed mannequins
Where women is no more.
Women is no more.

Aleph Null.

When I was five, I could count to ten.
When I was twelve, the numbers had no end.

I've been outside the power set of God.
I've drawn a line to the end of the world.
But now I feel so small.
But now I feel so small.